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Grafica (Italy)

Hi folks, i know : it’s been a long time since you had fresh news from this website.

A brand new Itlalian software : Grafica (Disk), which is the translation of « Enhancements to Graph It ».

As usuall you’ll find here the first disk image to be released of this very rare Atari Italy software  !  😎

It was worth the wait don’t you think ?

Message in a bottle : I am looking for volunteers to write a press review of our Atari 800 xl in Benelux, Italy and Germany. Contact me if you can!

What’s next ? Maybe a german software : « Noch Mehr Basic » but it’s a nightmare to restore, fortunately a german friend is helping ! 🙂

You want more ? Search your boxes, your attics, your cupboards and help me to find the missing rarities, so that Atarinside remains THE reference of the European Atari software !  🙂

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Bonbonglas / Chaos : another exclusive release to celebrate this 100th Atarinside software !

Hi folks,

I’m proud to share this exclusive german tape with you, it’s a « Rarity 10 » on atariwiki for years and it’s still missing at Atarimania. So you won’t find it anywhere else !
If you want to thank me, give me a great gift : help me to improve atarinside’s notoriety by sharing/liking the Facebook page/re-twitting/subscribing to twitter, facebook and the Youtube chanel !

Thanks ! 🙂


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